Welcome to the untamed, virgin land of the Kruger National Park, where the African spirit thrives in the silent heartbeat of the solitude wild.

Experience Kruger Untamed’s hidden sanctuaries, where untouched landscapes embrace you in tranquil beauty. Retreat to thoughtfully designed canvas suites, ensuring extraordinary comfort amidst the untamed wilderness of Kruger National Park. Surrender to the symphony of nature’s sounds, embarking on a soulful journey of relaxation and renewal. Reconnect with the earth’s rhythms, guided by the magic of the wild, and awaken refreshed, ready for another day of soulful adventure.


Embark on an immersive and soulful journey into the heart of nature with Kruger Untamed, where every moment is a sacred invitation to reconnect with yourself and the wilderness. Our two exclusive camps, Tshokwane River Camp and Satara Plains Camp, offer a fleeting yet deeply enriching escape, open annually from 1 May to 30 September. Nestled within the prime game-rich areas of Kruger National Park, these camps provide a sanctuary for your soul amidst the untamed beauty of ‘Lion-country’.

Experience true luxury in our 30 luxurious canvassed suites, each a haven of comfort and tranquility, with en-suite facilities featuring butler-fed hot showers that cocoon you in warmth after a day of exploration.

Surrounded by the sounds of the wild, indulge in hearty, nourishing cuisine that feeds not just the body but also the spirit.

Here, the landscape becomes your canvas for soul-searching adventures, whether you choose to explore on foot or in open safari vehicles. Let the rhythm of nature guide you as you delve deep into the mysteries of the bush, encountering Africa’s iconic wildlife in their natural habitat. Join us for this ephemeral journey, where time stands still, and the wilderness whispers secrets to those who listen with their hearts.

Kruger Untamed: Tshokwane River Camp, a unique seasonal haven, reopens in May 2024, captivating guests until September annually. Nestled near the iconic Tshokwane picnic spot in central Kruger National Park, this wilderness retreat offers an unmatched safari experience. Positioned by the Ripape River, it showcases diverse birdlife and habitual animals. With an authentic design connecting you to nature, embark on an unforgettable journey to explore the wild rhythm and riverbed allure, making it the ultimate safari destination.

Kruger Untamed: Satara Plains Camp, an enchanting seasonal wilderness retreat launched in July 2024, running until September 30th. Located near the famed Satara rest camp, this nomadic concept promises an extraordinary safari, immersing you in a unique adventure with the majestic Lion population. Enriched by AmaShangaan culture, the camp’s design captures the authentic essence of the region for an unparalleled safari encounter.





Disconnect and rediscover your connection to Mother Earth in the wild

We loved this unique experience of Glamping in the heart of the bush.

Chairs set up in the river bed with blazing fires for warmth and atmosphere. Heard lions roaring at night. Game is prolific in the area - Giraffe, Zebra, Buffalo, different antelope, Elephants and for those that love the cats we saw 24 lionesses and 1 lion followed by a leopard in 1 day. Hard to beat. Nothing is too much trouble for the staff and the food is delicious and plentiful. Loved every minute. Highly recommend this Seasonal Camp for a once in a lifetime experience.

Hazel Cameron

An untouched dry-riverbed tented camp.

A wild cat crossing. Unfolding of an untamed experience in the African bush. We were there – and you should visit! You can expect to feel the rush of close encounter on daily game drives, experience unpredictable sightings on safari walks, tuck into mouth-watering meals and enjoy camping in comfort like never before.

Megan Brett

This camp is probably the best in all of KNP.

Actually... It IS the best in KNP. The staff was so incredibly kind and welcoming. The tents and living space were stunning. The food was brilliant. And the wildlife didn't disappoint. We had a 20 minute leopard sighting with Etienne. Wall to wall fabulous, and I can't wait to return with more guests.

Alex Coburn

All I can say is WOW - what an amazing experience.

Unbelievable location, authentic tented camp experience in the iconic Kruger Park’s most prolific Big 5 sightings area. Well done to the team and wishing you all the very best. PS: Book now for next season to avoid disappointment.

Mike Lawrie

What an experience!!! A totally ’green’ adventure.

The camp is beautiful, the staff oh so friendly and efficient. Nothing is too much trouble. And then of course... the food!!! 5 star food, under the stars.

Heila Redpath

Such a special camp. Looking forward to visiting again next year.

Mikayla Korsten

Great experience… a bucket list camp in Kruger!

Louis Strauss

Saw 25 lions and 1 leopard all in one day!

Had such a fabulous time there in early July – saw 25 lions and 1 leopard all in one day. Food superb and location is magical. Go – you won’t regret it. Such a unique concept – loads of animals, great food, outstanding staff, roaring fires – once in a lifetime bush experience.

Hazel Cameron

Kruger Untamed did not disappoint!

We had amazing sightings (many leopards!) and met fantastic peoples. Highly recommend this for any avid safari lovers looking for a spot in winter of 2024.

Sarah (The Average Traveller)

Take me back! Had an incredible few days at the spectacular Kruger Untamed.

Rassie van der Dussen

Amazing experience out in the bush.

Great learning & first bush walk! Thank you to the Kruger Untamed team of rangers, trackers & staff. Our country is truly outta this world!

Kyle Botha

What a wonderful experience!

We experienced top-notch game viewing with the assistance of very knowledgeable and entertaining rangers, including sightings of lions, cheetahs, and buffalo. Another highlight was a 2-hour morning bush walk to see birds, plants, and insects as well as learn many interesting facts about the nature around us. At night, hundreds of solar lamps light up the dining area and river bed, and after a delicious meal, one can sit around the fire and listen to the sounds of the bush, what a wonderful experience.

Cordula Gallarate

I stand by my words! Tshokwane River Camps is absolutely stunning

I stand by my words! Tshokwane River Camps is absolutely stunning and lovingly laid out. You all should be very proud. Honestly the best way to experience Kruger. I’ll be bringing my guests here at every chance!!

Alex Coburn


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